How does the implementation of the Goshaba solution’s looks like for my organization?

You will be accompanied by Goshaba’s team throughout the implementation of the solution. In particular, your internal recruiters define the pre-selection criteria for each position or job family, and  Goshaba guides them in this process through a proven methodology. Based on these criteria, Goshaba develops and builds specific assessment paths, adapted to your needs. In all cases, the solution is delivered to you turnkey.

How does the recruitment process work for the candidate?

For the candidate, Goshaba is materialized by an online path, composed of various assessment components. This path is accessible via a url link. There is no application to download, everything happens on the web. You can easily share this url link with your candidates by including it in your job ads or by sharing it with them by email.

What form do candidates' results take?

Recruiters have access to candidate’s results in real time on the Goshaba platform. They can thus easily decide and communicate to candidates the follow-up of their application.

A systematic synthetic feedback is made available to candidates and is also accessible to recruiters.

In addition, it is possible to interface Goshaba with your ATS to facilitate the consultation of results by your recruiters on your usual tool.

For which jobs can the Goshaba solution be applied?

Goshaba technology is relevant to a wide range of jobs. Here are some examples of jobs we have already covered: junior consultants, in-store salesmen, teleoperators, management controllers, etc.

The solution works for all levels of experience and seniority (trainees / alternates, junior, experienced profiles, management positions and leadership).

To which use cases can the Goshaba solution be applied?

Goshaba is a skills assessment solution that allows you to identify the best talents, whatever use cases:

  • external recruitments
  • internal mobility
  • graduate programs
  • high potentials’ identification
  • competency assessment
  • etc.

How will my organization benefit from Goshaba solution’s implementation?

These are the main benefits of Goshaba’s implementation for your organization:


  • Accuracy: an accurate and reliable measurement of key competencies for a position
  • Candidate experience: a unique, fun and inclusive candidate experience
  • Diversity: an objective assessment that limits unconscious biases and discrimination
  • Speed: automation and reduction of the time dedicated to candidates’ pre-selection
  • Savings: increased efficiency in your applications’ process
  • Reduced recruitment time: shorter time between application submission and job offer
  • Auditable algorithms: perfectly understandable scores obtained by deterministic algorithms
  • Digitalization: digital transformation of recruitment process and change management

Goshaba solution

What is currently the problem in recruitment?

Currently, candidates’ pre-selection is often done on the basis of the CV or LinkedIn profile. Based on declarative statements, this type of document contains information that may be incomplete or difficult to compare; and it provides no insights on soft skills. In addition, selection on a resume sometimes gives rise to unconscious biases related to name, gender, address and even hobbies.

We want to radically transform the current recruitment mode by replacing it with rational processes. Screening must always be based on an objective assessment of the actual skills, knowledge and know-how. This is the mission of Goshaba.

Why cognitive sciences for recruitment?

Goshaba solution is based on cognitive sciences: the contributions of fundamental research in cognitive sciences and neurosciences make our evaluation methods accurate and reliable.

Cognitive science is a discipline that aims to understand and explain human thought’s mechanisms. Measurement tools that stem from cognitive sciences make it possible to assess traits such as attention, memory, or even risk appetite.

Thereby, cognitive science enables to accurately assess soft skills that are essential to suceed in a given position.

What does "soft skills" mean?

Soft skills bring together generic skills related to attitudes, behaviors and personality traits:

  • Personal attributes (specific to one individual)
  • Interpersonal skills, social and emotional intelligence
  • Intellectual abilities.

Unlike technical job skills, these skills are underlying abilities that can be applied in a variety of contexts. These generic skills contribute to a person's effectiveness and success from a professional point of view.

Soft skills are becoming increasingly important. Indeed, beyond diploma and acquired knowledge, organizations are now looking for people who are able to:

  • adapt to a constantly changing environment,
  • acquire new skills throughout their lives,
  • and interact effectively with multiple interlocutors.

What skills can be assessed with Goshaba?

Goshaba solution measures the real skills of candidates, whether they are:

  • soft skills (behavioral skills, social intelligence and intellectual abilities)
  • hard skills (technical, job or language skills)
  • experience (which we measure accurately and in an unbiased way to provide recruiters with factual evidence to compare candidates)
  • cultural fit (fit with organization’s culture).

This way, we assess the set of skills relevant to a position, and recruiters have all the elements they need to make their decision in a unique place.

Goshaba enables you to identify the best talents, i.e. those who are most likely to succeed in a position.

How are skills assessed with Goshaba?

Goshaba paths are composed of different types of assessment components.

The main ones are cognitive games, based on both cognitive sciences and video games. We also propose technical tests to evaluate job skills, language tests, and questionnaires (quizzes).

Depending on the key skills sought for a given position, Goshaba will propose you the most appropriate assessment components.

What is the scientific validity of the Goshaba assessments?

Goshaba cognitive games are built according to a rigorous methodology guaranteeing their scientific validity.

To design them, our R&D team relies on fundamental research in cognitive sciences and neurosciences. Our cognitive games are derived from experimental protocols from the scientific literature, which we have adapted to optimize the candidate experience (duration, ux, etc.).

In this process, they are subjected to several tests in order to verify that they remain scientifically valid and reliable. More specifically, a series of descriptive statistical analyses are performed to ensure that our games generate a standard behavior (normal distribution), that they have a satisfactory degree of precision, and that our solution is objective and does not create biases.

What is the difference with existing personality tests on the market?

Traditional psychological tests are based on candidates' declarative responses and are mainly aimed at identifying personality traits. Conversely, Goshaba solution assesses candidates’ skills directly, through cognitive games, simulations and technical tests and allows for a precise and reliable measurement of the soft skills and competencies that are the most decisive for the success  in a position.

More and more solutions are showcasing cognitive sciences. Why Goshaba?

The Goshaba solution is based on fundamental research in cognitive sciences.

This reference to science is part of our DNA, because Goshaba’s co-founder and co-director, Camille Morvan, is a world-class specialist in cognitive sciences. After a PhD in neuroscience, Camille continued her research at Harvard, where she also taught cognitive sciences.

Cognitive sciences, on which our R&D team relies, guarantee the reliability of our evaluation methods.

More and more solutions offer video games. Why Goshaba?

Goshaba was co-founded by two video games experts, Djamil Kemal and Minh Phan, who have in their previous experiences created and developed game brands with revenues exceeding $100 million.

Today, Goshaba evaluations are proposed in a gamified format, which allows for better-quality data to be collected, as the candidate gets caught up in the game and does not feel judged.

I have very specific skills to assess. Can I do it with Goshaba?

The Goshaba solution allows you to assess a wide range of skills, both in terms of soft skills, intellectual abilities, and technical skills. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about it together.

Is the Goshaba solution integrated with ATS?

Yes, the Goshaba solution can be integrated with ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss together about the ATS that concerns you.


I will have to pass a Goshaba path for a position I am applying for. How can I prepare?

No special preparation is required to take a Goshaba path. Just be yourself, it's your best asset!

Our advice: To take the path in good conditions, please settle down in a quiet place, with a stable internet connection.

On which device can I take a Goshaba path?

Most of the time, you can take the Goshaba path on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Goshaba is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge (avoid Internet Explorer).

However, if a type of device should be preferred (which can happen depending on the composition of the path), this will be indicated on the home screen.

What happens if I encounter a technical problem during the path?

If you get disconnected during the path, you can reconnect with the same email address and you will resume the path where you left off. In other cases, a support icon will allow you to contact our support team.

What happens after I complete the Goshaba path? Will I see my application’s result?

Once you have completed your Goshaba path, recruiters from the organization you are applying to will analyze your answers and results, and then come back to you to announce their decision and the next steps. Each organization may have a different recruitment process.

Data privacy

Does Goshaba comply with the GPDR?

Respecting the confidentiality and security of data collected from applicants is a key issue for Goshaba. Therefore, we comply with the regulations regarding the protection of personal data known as "GDPR" (General Data Protection Regulation).

Who is responsible for the management of candidates' personal data?

Candidates’ data are collected via the Goshaba platform with the consent of the candidates, on behalf of the recruiter. The recruiter therefore acts as the person responsible for the processing of these data. Goshaba is the subcontractor of the recruiter.

For what purpose(s) are candidates’ personal data collected?

Data are collected to enable the recruiter to assess candidates’ skills for a particular position and, alternatively, to build a pool of candidates that can meet future recruiter needs.

Where can I find information about the processing of candidates’ data?

It is the recruiter's privacy policy that applies to the processing of candidates’ data. In particular, this document specifies the length of time candidates' data is kept, the various recipients of these data, and the procedures for exercising their right to inspect or delete their personal data, for example. The recruiter's privacy policy is accessible on the recruiter's corporate website.

Where are the candidates’ data collected via the Goshaba platform stored?

Candidates’ data that we store, on behalf of the recruiter, are hosted in servers located in France.

Do you have any questions?

Goshaba has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in charge of ensuring regular monitoring of compliance with the GDPR. If you have any questions, you can contact him:

Via this dedicated form :


or by email:


Do you want to test Goshaba?

If you manage talents, our teams are at your disposal from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Schedule a slot in a few clicks.
Do you want to test Goshaba?

If you manage talents, our teams are at your disposal from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Schedule a slot in a few clicks.