Recruitment and Talent Management
Goshaba develops the most sophisticated solution to identify the right profiles.
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Camille Morvan
Co-CEO / R&D

Camille Morvan is a world expert in cognitive sciences, which she taught at Harvard University & New York University. She is an expert in “cognitive biases” and has co-created the Harvard Decision Making Workshop. Camille also has experience in high profile head hunting in Boston.
Harvard, NYU, CNRS, Normale Sup, Riken Brain Institute.
Cognitive Science PhD.
(Collège de France/Pierre et Marie Curie)

Djamil Kemal
Co-CEO / Sales & Marketing

Djamil Kemal has created and developed brands with a turnover exceeding  $180M. He is a recognized expert in conversion and retention issues, especially with teens and young adults. He is passionate about data, automation and programming, but recognizes the value of intuition.
Emme UK (Advanquest), Vivendi (Activision/Blizzard), Lexis Numérique
Toulouse Business School (Marketing & Research)
CAPFI (Finances)

Minh Phan

Serial entrepreneur with an experience as a consultant in consulting firm, Minh Phan has ensured the technical and production management of teams of more than 40 people. He has supervised the development of more than a hundred software applications, on technical aspects as well as design and user experience.
Bossart Consulting (Capgemini Consulting), Lexis Numérique, Lumai Production Thailand
Ecole des Mines de Nancy
ESIEE (Design Interactif)

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